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September 05, 2010



Hey Gina, I'm with you. The year starts in September. Any time yoou need fiber therapy or just someone to hang with, drop me a note. I've paddled the same river you're on right now...there might still be some turbulence ahead but it sounds like you've come through the worst of it.

Lynne Greewll

Hi Gina, you don't know me, I'm Sean Patterson's mom. He has been after me to join your knitting blog..(I'm a knitter what can I say...Poor Sean had to wear homemade socks and sweaters for most of his teenagehood...) I wish you a great future and as you say it's a time for reflection and growth. Good luck Gina. I will continue to follow your blog, I love the socks. Lynne

My thoughts are with you! I hope you have a great year!!! Hopefully you will find time for some well deserved fiber therapy!

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